Innovation is the cornerstone of Fieldays and crucial to the continued success of New Zealand agriculture.

Fieldays Innovations is made up of two main elements – Innovations Centre and Innovations Awards. The Innovations Centre is home to the prestigious Innovations Award exhibits and is a must for any visitor to Fieldays. Here you can see the latest developments in agricultural technology that will shape farming practices and the future of New Zealand primary industries. You can also expect to see companies showcasing their innovation entries from existing sites around Fieldays.

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Innovations Centre

The Innovations Centre is where you can check out the entries into the Innovation Awards. The exhibition space hosts over 60 entrants promoting their invention and provides a glimpse into the future of New Zealand farming. Come and meet the inventors with their crazy-great ideas and genius innovations that one day might change the future of farming.

The Innovations Centre is open all four days of Fieldays and hosts several networking events throughout the event.

Innovation awards

The Innovation Awards partnered by Vodafone are extremely popular with visitors, media and investors, providing the perfect platform to test your innovation with a highly targeted audience. Entrants will also gain access to industry experts, influencers and investors to provide support, introducing you to the marketplace and facilitating networks for commercial success.

With a range of award categories, and a competition structure that supports Kiwi ingenuity at all levels, Fieldays has seen many Kiwi innovations go on to achieve extraordinary success both nationally and offshore.

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Award Categories and Criteria

Award Categories and Criteria

The awards recognises and rewards innovation in the following three categories; Fieldays Prototype Innovation of the year, Fieldays Launch NZ Innovation of the Year and Fieldays International Innovation of the Year.

Award Categories and Criteria

Award Events

Award Events

The Innovation Awards is about supporting your commercial success. As an entrant you will get access to to a variety of events aimed to support you and your innovation.

Award Events

Our Partners

Fieldays Innovations is proud to be associated with the following partners, working together to promote innovations and provide the New Zealand rural sector with services and solutions.