Chainsaws growl and woodchips fly during the thrilling challenges in this action packed zone.

Coordinated by the expert team at STIHL, the Festival of Logging is an array of timber sport activities to capture everyone’s attention. Take a seat in the grandstand and enjoy the excellent view of the action.

Champions Trophy


Thursday is Champions Trophy trials day. To represent New Zealand at the World Championship, an athlete is challenged to complete an individual relay in the fastest time using;

  • A chainsaw to sever a disc from a 400mm diameter block
  • An axe to sever the 325mm diameter block they are standing on
  • A crosscut handsaw to sever a disc from a 400mm diameter block
  • An axe to sever a 300mm diameter block

Then 10 minutes later, the athlete must complete the process again. The athlete with the fastest combined times wins the right to represent and the trip to Europe. This year it is in Marseilles, France.



Friday is TIMBERSPORTS® trials day. This globally popular sport is a display of power, precision and technique. Elite athletes will compete to determine their position in the team to represent New Zealand at the 2018 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championships in Liverpool, England.

Be there to witness the match-racing in four international disciplines (Stock Saw, Underhand Chop, Single Saw and Standing Chop) to select the five Team representatives

And an additional two international disciplines (Springboard Chop and Hotsaw) to determine the Individual representative.

Loggersports events


On Saturday loggers from around New Zealand will compete against each other and the clock in multiple Loggersports events.

Using chainsaws and axes the schedule includes;

  • 3-person team relays
  • Bar & chain fitting
  • Woodsplitting races
  • Mens chainsaw races
  • Ladies chainsaw races
  • Hotsaw races

The challenge is for the teams and individuals to match-race and prove their ability, speed and skill. This chainsaw challenge is technique oriented and only the most skilled will win.